Bruce M. Margolin is the attorney you need on your side when charged with a fraud crime. Margolin represents clients in West Hollywood and throughout the greater Los Angeles County area who are charged with all types of fraud, including embezzlement, employee theft and worthless check offenses.

Well known as a prominent criminal defense lawyer, Bruce Margolin uses his strengths — extensive experience, knowledge of the law and detailed investigative process — to pursue positive, fair results for all clients.

Embezzlement and Employee Theft

Embezzlement occurs when someone who holds trust or responsibility over money or property steals those assets. For example, a bank employee may change financial records to steal money for himself. Employee theft and embezzlement are white collar crimes that occur most often in the workplace or corporate settings.

Bruce Margolin counsels clients charged with these crimes and provides effective legal representation and critically evaluates the circumstances involved. His investigation process includes:

  • Obtaining the paper trail and any other evidence linking his client to the crime and critically evaluating that evidence
  • Looking for evidence that another person may have committed the crime
  • Researching the possibility of a scam put on by the victim
  • Determining if there are applicable defenses such as a good faith belief of entitlement to the property, lack of intent, false accusations or others

Protecting Your Rights and Your Future

An embezzlement conviction is not just a crime on your record, but also a crime that implicates morality and trustworthiness. A conviction can harm future employment opportunities and could result in jail or prison time. Even if you return the money or property, you could still be prosecuted criminally.

Bruce Margolin believes in helping clients fight these charges so that they don’t end up paying for the rest of their lives. He highlights weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case and uses those weaknesses to negotiate for reduced charges, lighter penalties or dismissals.

Worthless Check Offenses

If you write a bad check in California, you could be in trouble. It is a crime to write a bad check when you know there are insufficient funds and you intend to defraud the other party. The penalties vary depending on whether the offense is a misdemeanor or felony. In either case, fines and jail or prison time could be imposed.

Bruce Margolin is knowledgeable and experienced in defending clients charged with bad check crimes. He will raise defenses on his clients’ behalf and work to minimize penalties or even get the case dismissed.

Contact Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Bruce Margolin When You Are in Trouble

The consequences of fraud and other theft offenses can be serious. Bruce Margolin has more than 40 years of experience defending people charged with crimes and will use all of his resources to help you. Call The Law Offices of Bruce M. Margolin, Esq., at 800-420-LAWS (5297) or contact us online for a free consultation today.

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