Bruce Margolin is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has represented thousands of people over more than 40 years of law practice. He knows the auto theft laws, including carjacking and grand theft auto. With every case, he investigates all information and critically analyzes all evidence against his clients. He is determined to fight for the rights of the criminally accused to prevent injustice and keep good people out of jail.

The prosecutors have the burden of proving every element of an auto theft crime. Generally, those elements are:

  • Taking a vehicle from the owner
  • Knowing the owner did not give permission
  • Intending to deprive the owner of the vehicle permanently

Bruce Margolin works to get the charges reduced or dismissed by showing how the evidence against clients fails to meet the standard. Since these are serious, felony-level crimes, bail is set at high amounts and Margolin helps clients make bail and get out of jail as soon as possible.

Penalties for auto theft crimes can be quite severe, especially if you have prior criminal convictions. An auto theft conviction will count as a strike against your record. If you already have one or two strikes, the penalties can multiply when an auto theft conviction is added. Bruce Margolin is known for getting favorable results for his clients and aggressively defending clients charged with auto theft.

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