If you were charged with resisting arrest or evading police, The Law Offices of Bruce M. Margolin, Esq., can help seek justice on your behalf. Defense attorney Bruce Margolin will do everything he can to protect your interests and make sure police and prosecutors do not take advantage of you. Margolin investigates each case thoroughly and uses his in-depth knowledge of the law and experience to pursue the best results possible for every person.

Resisting Arrest

Resisting arrest means interfering with or delaying police officers while they are performing their duties. Depending on the severity and whether violence was involved, it could be charged as a felony or misdemeanor. Resisting arrest can include any of the following acts:

  • Refusing to provide identification or giving false identification to police
  • Refusing to cooperate
  • Other actions used to slow the arrest process
  • Physically trying to get out from restraints
  • Threatening to assault a police officer
  • Attacking an officer

Clients then face multiple criminal charges — the underlying offense and resisting arrest. By working with Bruce Margolin, clients can be assured that he will aggressively search for all details and facts to support their defense. Margolin will analyze the police officer’s personnel records to determine if he or she habitually accuses people of resisting arrest or if there is a history of excessive force used by that officer. He will also examine the client’s records to see if there are factors involved that put the client in fear of being arrested or assaulted by police. If he can assert a defense such as self-defense, he will.

Evading Police

People charged with evading police are dealing with a more serious crime. Evading police occurs when a person in a vehicle flees from a pursuing police officer. Bruce Margolin looks closely at all evidence, including the squad car video, call recordings and witness information to find weaknesses in the case that might help his clients. He specifically looks for facts that can determine:

  • Whether the person willfully fled police
  • Whether the police vehicle had police markings, lights and sirens, and the officer had a recognizable police uniform
  • The person’s awareness of being pursued by police, including seeing the flashing lights

Bruce Margolin researches every possible way to help his clients fight these charges. If there were any mitigating circumstances present, such as driving to the hospital in an emergency, Margolin uses that to negotiate with the prosecutor.

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