Identity theft is a crime involving the unlawful use of personally identifying information belonging to another person. Stolen identity information is most often used for financial gain. Penalties for identity theft crimes vary depending on the facts of the crime and how much the victim was harmed. Fines, jail for up to one year or more severe penalties based on prior criminal record are all possible penalties if convicted of identity theft.

Defending Your Rights and Seeking Justice for All Clients

Criminal defense attorney, Bruce Margolin, is well known for his unwavering commitment to defending his clients’ rights and helping people charged with crimes. The government takes these cases seriously and prosecutes them aggressively. In order to get a conviction, the prosecutor must prove several elements of the offense in court. Bruce Margolin works to uncover any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and attacks the elements of the crime.

Thorough investigation is the key to his success as a renowned criminal attorney.

He looks for evidence to support all possible defenses. For example, it may be possible to assert that there was consent to use the victim’s information.

For People Facing Harsh Criminal Consequences, Bruce Margolin Can Help

Merely having possession of personally identifying information is enough to be charged with identity theft. Bail might be set at a high amount also. With the stakes that high, it’s best to have an experienced lawyer on your side. Bruce Margolin provides clients with highly effective legal representation. He has dedicated his career to helping those charged with crimes and protecting their rights. For help with other crimes, visit our practice areas page.

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