Being accused and convicted of a sex crime carries with it lifelong consequences, making working with an experienced California sex crimes lawyer essential if you face such charges. Even if you are ultimately acquitted of the crimes with which you have been charged, going through a trial can do irreparable harm to your personal and professional reputation. With the help of a skilled California sex crimes lawyer, you can ensure that your rights are not violated and you stay out of court if at all possible.

While the media often portrays the collection and handling of evidence as straightforward, this is not the case. The ways law enforcement officers gather physical evidence and witnesses’ testimonies can have a significant bearing on the case and may be grounds for the charges to be dismissed. At The Law Offices of Bruce M. Margolin, Esq., an expert California sex crime attorney will carefully review how authorities acted to ensure that proper procedures were followed. A California sex crime attorney from this top firm can also investigate the motives and background of the alleged victim and potentially cast doubt on his or her claims.

In addition to his experience as a California sex crimes lawyer, Bruce M. Margolin also specializes in a number of legal areas including charges for drug use and domestic violence. Each Los Angeles County criminal lawyer at his firm works with clients throughout California and across the country. To schedule a free initial consultation with a top-rated Los Angeles County criminal lawyer, contact The Law Office of Bruce M. Margolin today.

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