Bruce Margolin is one of the nation’s most well known marijuana and drug defense attorneys. With more than 40 years of defense experience, he is highly skilled and knowledgeable regarding every area of marijuana laws in California and throughout the nation. In addition, lawyers and clients use his book, The Margolin Guide to Marijuana Laws, as a resource alike.

The marijuana and drug industry is not limited to the manufacture, sale and use of drugs. It has grown to be a widespread epidemic that affects every area of life for those involved. An increasing trend among law enforcement authorities and prosecutors is to combine marijuana offenses with allegations of child abuse.

Child abuse occurs when a child is put in a dangerous situation. Prosecutors focus on people growing marijuana and allege that allowing children to be around a marijuana grow house poses a threat to their safety, including possible harm from eating the marijuana plants. People involved in both legal and illegal grow houses have been charged.

Bruce Margolin Doesn’t Believe People Should Go To Jail For Marijuana!

There is no specific data that shows a specific health risk to children exposed to such situations. Prosecutors might mistakenly charge these crimes under statutes referring to meth production. Marijuana defense attorney Bruce Margolin has been successful over the years defending all people charged with marijuana crimes. He will help clients fight the charges and the injustice that occurs when authorities target people out of dislike for the marijuana laws.

When charged with child abuse related to marijuana, seek advice from a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Bruce Margolin will help you fight the charges.

For help with a child abuse, marijuana charge or any other drug offense, call The Law Offices of Bruce M. Margolin, Esq., in West Hollywood, at 800-420-LAWS (5297) or fill out the online form. Bruce Margolin will get back to you quickly and meet with you at no charge to discuss your case.

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